Want More Conversions From Your Real Estate Website Company?

Once upon a time, real estate agents had to do tons of legwork in order to get clients. They’d knock on doors, send out direct mail fliers, and ask friends and family members to see if they knew anyone who needed a real estate agent. Once word of mouth started rolling in, these real estate agents could sit back and relax, since customers were finding them – not the other way around.

Today, real estate agent websites do all the hard work our forefathers had to slog through. When properly designed, a company website brings in real estate agent leads, making it that much easier for the agent to contact people and groups who have already shown an interest in selling their homes and offices.

But let’s point out something critical here – that’s only if a real estate website design is on point. If a website isn’t properly designed, leads will pass you by without a second thought. That means you’ll be left spending most of your time attempting to find clients, rather than selling homes.

So What’s the Answer Here?

If you want more conversions from your real estate website company, you need to take a closer look at how your website is currently performing. How many leads do you see? Are these leads prequalified – in other words, are they looking to become clients – or are they pretty much junk? Are you putting in too much work on your website, but not getting enough leads?

The answers to these questions should give you a pretty accurate idea of how your current website is performing. If you’re still struggling to find clients or all of your real estate website leads just end up in the trash, it may be time to start optimizing your site.

Leads are out there – your website isn’t just doing a very good job of getting their attention. But don’t worry; we have the best strategies for getting more conversions from your real estate website company than you thought possible!

Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

If you want your website to bring in more real estate leads, you need to make it mobile-friendly. A good portion of your website visitors are probably finding your site on their mobile phones – and if your site doesn’t adjust to their user experience, they’re going to exit out pretty quickly.

When designing your real estate website, make sure that the site is mobile responsive. This essentially means that your website will size itself for a mobile phone, making it easier for your users to scroll through the content to find what they need. If you’re not sure how to put these step into action, consider partnering with a real estate website development service, like Excida.com. Our nuts-and-bolts services can provide you with critical real estate website design – including mobile-responsive design – as well as ongoing support for any other website changes you might want to make in the future. From blogging and lead capture to social media and beautiful site designs, only Excida can help you take your real estate website company to the next level.

Create More Landing Pages

If you’re just relying on your real estate website to bring in leads, you’re missing out on tons of great opportunities. Landing pages are unique one-page websites that ask your leads to fill in contact fields so they can receive a particular benefit. Let’s take a look at an example flow that could lead to a landing page:

• A user clicks on an article about finding the lowest mortgage rates

• The user notices that the last paragraph has a link to a free ebook about performing a home search

• The user clicks on the link and is taken to a single page site about the ebook

• The user fills in the email form to download the ebook

• The ebook is sent to the user’s email address

Landing pages are most successful when you’re providing your users with a free incentive. Short ebooks are a common strategy, as it doesn’t take much time to create a ten-page book with valuable industry advice. Free consultations are another strategy, although this can be time-consuming if a real estate landing page is particularly successful.

Landing pages should look nice and be mobile-responsive, but they should only serve one purpose: collect contact information from unique visitors. By offering a free incentive, you’re much more likely to get this valuable contact information – and that can lead to a world of sales opportunity.

In addition to comprehensive website design, Excida.com can also build unique landing pages to generate more leads for your real estate business. We can also link these landing pages to blog posts, articles, and other content we’ll generate on behalf of your real estate website company. When you work with Excida.com, you’ll hardly have to lift a finger – except to respond to all the amazing leads you find!

Place Important Info at the Top

Your online readers typically look at a website for just a few seconds before deciding if they’re going to continue reading. That means your most important information needs to be located at the top of the site. This attention-grabbing strategy helps ensure that your readers continue to peruse through your site, rather clicking out and finding another real estate site.

Consider putting a strong headline at the top of your home page, along with a few crystal-clear pictures of the kinds of houses you sell. Make sure your homes are the cream of the crop without looking too exclusionary. For example, if you sell homes in a blue collar neighborhood, posting homes that are north of the million-dollar range might send the implicit message that you only serve this community. Ensure that your all-star homes you’re featuring serve your intended community so as not to miss out on any valuable leads.

Prominently Display Your Contact Forms

If you want your leads to reach out to you, you’ll need to prominently display contact forms for email addresses and names. However, don’t go too overboard with your form fields, as requiring too much information may prevent leads from contacting you. As a safe bet, here are the two things that should be included in a contact field:

• Email address
• Name

Surprised that a phone number isn’t included? That’s because requiring a phone number makes it more likely that leads will opt out of your contact form. The days of cold-calling prospects are over; first introductions should be done via email. It may take up more time, but it means you’ll end up with more prequalified leads through your real estate website – and that’s a huge boost for agents.

Just to clarify, avoid requiring any minute details in your contact form; the more you put in there, the more likely it is that your leads will opt out of the contact form. Lead sources, timeframes for purchase, website addresses, and budgets may fine-tune the quality of your leads, but they could end up driving other leads away from your site.

Offer Better Listing Filters

Make it easier for your website visitors to find the homes of their dreams. Your listings search should feature as many filters as possible, rather than the usual “budget”, “neighborhood”, and “bed/bath” filters. Try adding in filters related to property types, rent/buy options, minimum square footage, max price, etc. The more filters you add, the more likely it is that your website visitors are going to find the types of homes they’re looking for.

When adding these filters to your site, make sure you have enough properties to be featured with these filter results. For example, if you only have one or two properties show up on a filter search, this isn’t exactly the best experience for your website visitors. Pay attention to what’s being shown on your filter results, as this ensures you’re continually putting your real estate visitors front and center.

Ready to Optimize Your Real Estate Website Design For Success?

Think of your real estate website as the gates to prequalified leads; if you grease the gate properly, you’ll discover a wealth of clients who are ready to do business with you. Your real estate website should be optimized for as many leads as possible, as it makes your job as a real estate agent that much easier.

Ready to take your website to the next level? Contact Excida.com to find out how we can make your website a lead-generating machine. No matter what you need from our company – whether it’s blogging and lead capture to social media and beautiful site designs – only Excida can help you design, implement, and maintain the most productive and powerful website on the block.

Forget wasting your time trying to design your own real estate website. Get the experts on your side and discover what it means to own a lead-generating website. Contact Excida.com to see how we can help your real estate business today!

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