Setup Fee

Setup fees range from a one-time fee of $399 to over $1,000 depending on:

  • Customizations & integrations required
  • Data migrations
  • Content generation

We recommend contacting us regarding your needs before signing up for service so that we can advise you on the cost of setup. We are always happy to provide a quick quote; just reach out to us here to get started.

What if I want to start with the bare minimum at $399?

A setup fee of $399 would include:

  • Site Title
  • Home page setup (per your requirements)
  • Logo integration
  • Color & style setup
  • Input of your basic info for one agent (name and contact info)
  • Assistance with DNS (pointing your domain name to our servers)
  • Email setup so that contact/lead generation form notifications go to your email.

Items NOT included in the basic $399 fee

The following item are examples of setup tasks that we would be happy to do for you, but that would require an additional charge:

  • MLS integration
  • Custom web design work
  • Marketing system integration (ie Hubspot, ExactTarget, etc)
  • eMail marketing integration (MailChimp, aWeber, etc)
  • Blog setup
  • Importing existing content like “about us” page
  • Importing blog posts
  • Copy writing (blog post writing, page content writing, eBook creation)
  • Image procurement (finding/purchasing images for content pages, blog posts, etc)
  • SEO research/backlinks, etc

What about custom development?

One of the major benefits of our platform is that it is extremely flexible. We have a long history of delivering great results for clients, even those on a tight budget. We are able to leverage our extensive library of features and previous custom development work to build your site fast, even if you have very specialized requirements.  If you want to get a better idea of what we can do, please call us now to chat with one of our friendly team members or fill out our custom development form to receive a quote.

What about refunds?

We think that you’ll enjoy working with us. We are highly engaged in what we do and strive everyday to build your trust by exceeding your expectations. We seek to turn customers into raving fans, not just happy customers.

However, things happen. We’re not always perfect, but when we do make mistakes, we go above and beyond to make up for it. If our mistake(s) causes you to cancel service in the first 60 days, we will provide you with a full refund including setup fee and any monthly fees that you have paid. However, if you simply choose to go another route and we have already met our commitments then we are open to discussing a full or partial refund with you. Basically, we put ourselves in your situation and try to accommodate what is fair and reasonable from your perspective as well as ours.

Next steps?

If you haven’t already, please be sure to checkout our demo here.

If you want to get a quick quote for setting up your real estate agent website on our platform, please click here to get a quote on setup.