Product Requirements

This list includes the system requirements your web hosting provider must meet in order to run RealtyScript. If you haven’t selected a web hosting provider, we strongly recommend BlueHost as they meet all of the requirements below, including the optional requirements.


  • Linux/Unix/Windows/Mac OS X Server – We support any operating system
  • PHP 5.3+ w/ the following modules
    1. PHP-GD – Handles all image manipulation (e.g., resizing images)
    2. PHP-cURL – Allows Google Maps to function properly
    3. allow_url_fopen – Enabled so remote file access is possible (Google Maps requires it)
    4. mod_security disabled – This module prohibits many aspects of the software from functioning properly
  • MySQL 5.1+ – The database powering the web site, responsible for storing all site data (listings, agents, etc.)
  • ionCube Loaders 4.4+ – We encode 4 files with the ionCube encoder, which require ionCube Loaders to run properly. For more information, please check with your hosting provider or view the resources below
    1. Loader Download
    2. Installation Instructions


  • Linux/Unix – We recommend using either Linux or Unix-based operating systems
  • Apache w/ mod_rewrite – Allows you to have SEO-friendly URLs

Useful Items:

  • FTP Access – In order for us to install the software, we must have FTP access to your account
  • CPanel Access – We will require CPanel/control panel access in order to create databases and install the software, unless you provide us with this information (database name, username, password, and host)
  • Unzip Utility – The software comes compressed in .zip format, so you’ll need a program to unzip. You can try one of the following: WinZip, WinRar, or 7-zip

Disclosure: We receive compensation for referrals to the recommended web hosting providers, however they are recommended based on their reputation, reliability, price points, and compatibility with RealtyScript. We stand by them as excellent web hosting providers. – See more at: