RealtyScript 4.x versus the new Excida Platform

This document outlines the major difference between our legacy RealtyScript product and our new SaaS real estate agent website service called Excida. It does not include every feature in both solutions but is meant to present the main differences.


RealtyScript Excida
User Interface
Home page slider X X
Home page map listing view X
Configure Search Criteria via Configuration(not coding) X
Listing view grid X X
Listing view rows X
Listing view grid, configure columns(without coding) X
Look and feel, blue X X
Look and feel, select from over 20 built in color options X
Email mailer – send to website visitors who want to be emailed when you have new properties X
Lead management – manage list of all users who have opted-in to your website. X
Lead conversion optimization (future release) via pop-ups and slide ins. Can increase conversion rate by up to 10% X
Newsletter manager – send email newsletters and notifications to opt-ins X
Blog X
Future customizations only possible by custom development Often possible thru configuration(takes much less effort/cost than custom development)
Future product enhancements no more enhancements will be made major enhancements will be made for years to come and your site will automatically upgrade for free.

See this post for more info and FAQs regarding both RealtyScript and our new Real Estate Agent Website platform

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