Real Estate Agents: Do You Only Have One Piece of Content?

Listen, we get it: You’re a busy real estate agent, and you don’t always have the time to devote to content creation. You know that content is one of the best ways to enhance your online presence, but you still have houses to sell and clients to meet.

That’s why you only have one good piece of content at your disposal – the kind of content you wouldn’t mind showing the rest of the world.

But before you hit publish on that blog post or infographic, we have news for you. We can help you turn that single piece of content into multiple pieces, meaning you won’t have to struggle to find new ideas or carve out the time to create new content.

Think we’re exaggerating? Think again – because in this article, we’re going to show you all the different ways you can transform a single article into the kind of content that converts leads into lifelong clients.

But First, An Important Announcement

If you find yourself wondering why you need to post all of that new content, consider this oft-used but highly relevant phrase: “Content is king.”

From site visitors to search engines, everyone loves content. From an audience member’s perspective, content is an opportunity to learn new information and find out important advice about something they’re concerned about. For example, your audience members may be concerned about starting the house-buying process, or negotiating their way to a favorable outcome with a seller. If you create the kind of content that hits on these pain points, you’re creating a recipe for engagement and success.

From a search engine’s perspective, content provides them with much-needed information as to what your website is all about. Without large volumes of content, search engine spiders (devices used to “crawl” your site so it can be properly categorized) might not understand what your website is all about, or view you as a leader within your specific keyword category. That means your site will be jettisoned to the back pages of Google search results, where no one can find you.

As if there couldn’t be enough benefits, content also makes it much more likely that you’ll be seen as a thought leader within your particular location or real estate niche. If you write enough content, you’ll find that visitors will start to turn to you for expert advice and feedback. Potential clients, journalists, and even search engines notice when you’re the go-to for a particular topic – and that can transform into significant arrivals to your real estate website.

Whether you approach it from an SEO perspective or a user perspective, content offers one of the best solutions for many problems plaguing real estate agent websites.

But what if you don’t have the time or energy to create all that content? What if you only have a couple of pieces of content to work with?

Not to worry – because the strategies in this post will show you how to create and spin multiple pieces of content from a single article.

Let’s Start With Our Original Post

To help illustrate how you can spin multiple pieces of content from one article, let’s create an imaginary article that’s about eight different ways you can get the best mortgage rate quote for your new home. As far as pieces of real estate marketing content goes, that’s a pretty strong start. It’s going to garner a lot of interest, as many homebuyers are likely curious as to how to get the best deal possible. Additionally, mortgage rates have been fluctuating, meaning many homebuyers might be unsure as to what steps they should take to get the best deal.

Let’s call this article our anchor content, since we’ll be referring back to this post on a regular basis.

Create Eight Individual Blog Posts

Thanks to your anchor content, you have eight new angles to explore, all of which focus on the same basic topic. Break down each of these tips into a longer blog post; aim for about 300-500 words. You already have a decent chunk of content created, thanks to your anchor content; all you have to do is flush each tip out a little more to create a viable blog post.

Note: When creating these mini-blog posts, make sure you’re using informative yet interesting article titles. Really take the time to think about what you’re going to call each blog article – the title can make all the difference as to whether or not a site visitor is going to hang around to read it!

Share Each Tip on Social Media

Your anchor content is golden, and your blog articles are all ready to go. Now we need to disseminate that content onto your social media pages. A great start would be to turn each mortgage tip into a post on its own. Instead of linking back to the anchor content, link to the blog post, where readers will find more specific information about this tip.

Note: Make sure you’re choosing the best image possible to accompany each tip. Images catch attention, especially on highly visual sites like Facebook and Twitter. Find a relevant image – bonus points if it’s from your own website, like a real listing – and post it alongside one of your tips. It’s one of the best ways to catch the eye of a busy social media user!

Create a Longer Ebook You Can Offer Online

Ebooks are great tools that can be used to increase landing page conversions. Think about it this way: if you’re offering an ebook on a landing page, you’re making it that much more likely a visitor will provide you with their contact information in exchange for that ebook.

There’s no denying that writing an ebook can take up a decent chunk of time – but that’s only if you’re starting from scratch. Since you already have eight longer blog posts dedicated to helping homebuyers get a better mortgage rate, combine all of those posts together into one document. Add an introduction, a conclusion, and any other content that might be needed to make the narrative flow smoothly.

You’ll need a design for the cover of your ebook. Consider working with a local designer who can quickly create the ebook cover you need. You could also work with a real estate web development company who can provide you with the images and designs you need to support your ebook. This form of ongoing support could be useful in the future, especially if you decide to create more ebooks for your landing pages.

Use the Content as a Script for a Video

Video marketing presents a huge opportunity for real estate agent websites to reach out to their markets. Video marketing uses the power of visual content to provide compelling information, all in a way that’s much easier for the average online surfer to digest.

What’s more, videos are much more likely to go viral than text content – and that’s a huge reason why you should get into video marketing. If you have a video that touches on multiple pain points, emotions, and other vital experiences that homebuyers are going through, your audience is going to share this content like crazy.

While transforming the content into a script can be easy, it’s much harder to create visually pleasing videos that have the potential to go viral. That’s why real estate agents should partner up with website development services that provide ongoing social media, video marketing, and SEO support. These latch-and-key services ensure that once your real estate website is up and running, it’s not left alone out on the World Wide Web.

Ready to Transform Your Content?

You don’t need tons of time to build up viral, shareable content – just one good piece of anchor content. If, however,

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