Real Estate Agent Website Checklist

We’ve reviewed thousands of real estate agent websites over the years. Nearly all of them are missing a few or more vital components for lead conversion and branding. Many of these are easy to fix, while other requires development work and others really require and full site redesign. At any rate, if you are on the look out for some low hanging fruit for your current real estate website and aren’t quite ready for a full revamp, here are some things EVERY real estate agent website should have:

Must Have:

  • Your home page MUST pass the 5 second test (its should be instantly evident that you are a buying and selling agent and what area you serve)
  • Personal name branding – if the “Remax” brand is more prominent than your own name, it simply won’t convert leads
  • Your listings should be displayed on your home page – if you don’t have enough current listings, show recent ones too
  • Your listing links should not take visitors to another website, make sure listing page are indexable by Google
  • Have a map of your listings on your homepage – this gives instant credibility and informs the visitor of the area you cover
  • Have a contact form on your home page
  • Your home page should have your personal photo
  • All of your pages must include a clear Call-To-Action (CTA), this applies to blog posts, property listings and even info pages
  • You need an active blog on your site – sorry no exceptions, outsource it if you must
  • Your website must be accessible on tablet/mobile devices
  • Your email address & phone number must be listed in the header of your website

Nice to Have:

  • Video testimonials on your homepage – especially important if you are a newer agent without loads of listings
  • Have a list of upcoming open houses – gives credibility as a selling agent
  • Make sure that your blog posts aren’t the generic non-area specific ones we see on so many agent blogs. These add no marketing value and you are probably getting penalized by Google for duplicate content penalty without even knowing it.
  • Your site design look should not look even a bit out of date – 2-3 years max

Hope that helps!

Anything I should add to the list?

What do you think is the single most important must have?


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