We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions below. If your questions is not answered here or you require additional assistance, please contact us.



Question 1. How do I set listings as “Featured Listings”?

1. Log into your Administration Panel if you have not already done so and click on “Packages”

2. You should see a default package, such as “Bronze Package.” If you’d like to make this free for all of your users/agents, enter in 0.00 as the price. If you’d like for featured listings to never expire, enter in 365 (or higher) for the duration

3. Now that you have verified a featured listing package exists, go to “Listings,” then search for the listing you wish to edit. Once you find it, click “Edit.”

4. Change the “Package Name” of the listing you are editing to “Bronze Package,” or whatever you named the featured listing package. Click submit at the bottom. The listing will now be featured

Question 2. How do I add listing locations?

1. Log into your Administration Panel if you have not already done so and click on “Customization”

2. Add United States with no parent. This would add United States as the highest location.

3. Add Massachusetts and select United States as a parent.

4. Add any city you need and add Massachusetts as the parent. You would repeat step #3 for as many cities as you need to add.

The software allows you to have 3 location “levels,” which are normally Country > State > City/Town. If all of your listings are in a single state, you do not need to use the United States as the first step. Instead, you could do the following:


1. Add Massachusetts with no parent. This would add Massachusetts as the highest location.

2. Add all of your counties with Massachusetts as a parent. You would repeat this step for all counties using Massachusetts as a parent for all of them.

3. Add all of your cities/towns under their given county. You would repeat this step for as many cities/towns as you need to.

It is up to you to decide how best to use the multi-level location manager, whether it be Country > State > City/Town or State > County > City/Town.

If you are importing several listings, please click on “Tools” in your Administration Panel and use the bulk location importer.

Question 3. How do I add a new listing?

1. Log into your Administration Panel if you have not already done so and click on “Users.”

2. Search for the seller wish to add these listings under (every listing must be associated with a seller — you can’t add new listings as the admin). If you haven’t created a seller’s account, you can do so now by clicking, “Add New User”

3. Once you have found the seller, click “Add New Listing” for that particular user and proceed with adding their listing

Question 4. How do I customize the look and feel of the software?

Per our support policy, we do not provide free technical support or assistance for any custom changes or modifications, including design and layout. If you wish to change the colors, layout, or other aspects of the site, you must proceed at your own risk. You should be familiar with HTML, CSS, and basic PHP. We also recommend backing up the software prior to performing any changes.

If you’d like for us to assist, we are available for paid custom development work. Please contact us for a price quote and timeline.

Please be sure to view our support policy.