GoDaddy Notes

NOTE: We cannot guarantee the software will work with GoDaddy. Their customer support will not assist with this and we do not cover this during our free installation. Additionally, this will only work for GoDaddy Linux accounts. If you have a Windows account, please email them and ask to convert your account to run Linux.

  • Upload/install the software and wait to see error message on screen. It will tell you the path and correct binary to load. Make sure the binary you load is x86, not x86-64 bit.
  • Download the correct ionCube loader from and upload it to the /ioncube directly (this directory will be created when you install the software).
  • If you don’t have a php5.ini file in your root directory, please create one. If you have a php.ini file, please rename it to php5.ini. In it, put the following:
  • [Zend]
    zend_extension = /location/to/your/software/html/ioncube/

This is an example. The actual location depends on step 1 when it told you the correct path and correct binary to load. Save the file. It may take up to 15 minutes for GoDaddy to register this newly created php5.ini file and put it into effect. Your web site should then load afterwards