Custom Fields

RealtyScript comes with the ability to add up to 10 additional, custom fields. They can be either input boxes or select boxes. More types will be available in the future (such as checkboxes, textareas, etc.).

To create a new custom field, please go to the administration panel, then click on “Manage Types/Location.” From here, click on “Edit Custom Fields.” You will now see options for adding new fields or options.

First, decide on whether this will be an input text box, which will allow them to enter in their own value, or a select box, which will have predefined answers.

Input box example:

Field name: Nearby Landmarks Type of Field: Input (Text)

You would then click “Add Field.” This would allow them to enter in any value they’d like for for this custom field.

Select box example:

Field name: Floors Type of Field: Select (Drop Down Menu)

You would then click “Add Field.” After this has been done, click on the newly created “Floors” and then enter in whatever you’d like as the first option. You would then click “Add Option.” Repeat this process for all options you’d like. In the event of floors, you’d like want to create 1, 2, or 3 as examples since most properties will have 1, 2, or 3 floors.

By leveraging the power of the custom field editor, you can extend the capabilities of the software without the need for custom development work.