CMS/Page Manager

You can easily and effortlessly create and manage your custom pages right from the administration panel. An example of some pages you may wish to create include about us pages, news, resources, links, frequently asked questions, and related content.

From the Page Manager, click on “Add Article.” From here, you can enter in the details to create your first page. Instructions are inline, however here is a brief recap of what each field does.

  • Page Title – This is the title of the page. For example, it could be, “Frequently Asked Questions” or “Company History”
  • Page SEO String – If you want an SEO-friendly URL, enter what you’d like the page to be called. You could name it about or company-history for example. Spaces are converted to dashes.
  • Page Status – You can have this page enabled (viewable by the public) or disabled (not viewable by the public). Useful if a page is under construction and you do not want anyone to read the contents of it.
  • Page Content – This is the actual content of the page.

Once your page is created, you can go see a list of all of your pages below. It will show you the ID # of each page, the date of when it was added, the title, the status of it (enabled/disabled), and the custom URL. The URL will be in the following format:

With this URL, you can add it anywhere you’d like for this page to be linked. For example, you could add this to your web site’s navigation or even send it to clients, visitors to the site, and more. Please see our section on editing templates for more specific information on how to place links throughout the site.