5 Ways to Take Your Real Estate Website Company to the Next Level

We’re already a few weeks out from January 1st, but your mind might still be on planning resolutions to make 2016 YOUR year. While others are focused on losing weight, saving more money, or finally going on that exotic vacation, you’re focused on taking your real estate marketing efforts to the next level. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “How can I sell more homes in 2016?” Perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering, how can I generate more real estate leads?

In other words, you’re wondering how you can make more money as a real estate agent!

We hear you. That’s why we want to help you develop a step-by-step plan for increasing your revenue stream over the next twelve months. After all, it’s one thing to say you want to make more money – it’s quite another to come up with a tactical plan you can implement right now.

Wondering how to make 2016 the year of professional success? Take a look at these four tips and strategies for upping your real estate marketing game.

1. Invest in Real Estate Website Development

If you already have a real estate website up and running, you might think it’s enough of an online presence. But potential leads don’t want to invest their home search – not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars – with a real estate agent who has a subpar website experience.

Think of it this way: Nine times out of ten, your real estate website will be the first interaction your clients have with you and your business. If your website looks messy, provides a complicated user experience, and makes information difficult to find, you can bet potential leads will quickly cross you off of their list.

What’s more, many homebuyers are starting their real estate search on their smartphones, rather than on a traditional desktop or laptop computer. Websites aren’t automatically built with mobile users in mind; therefore, these clients will have a subpar experience on your website if they’re searching on their smartphones. Building a mobile-responsive website should be your number one priority, particularly over the coming year. Otherwise, your site is only serving a small portion of your clientele base – and that’s not the best start to a more lucrative 2016.

That’s why you need to invest in real estate website development, particularly over the next three months. Opt to work with real estate website design companies that can provide you with ongoing support once your site is live. This is a great option for real estate agents who may not have the technical savvy – or the time – to build their own websites. Ongoing support can be crucial in case your website encounters any problems, or if you need to make any changes to your site’s copy or design.

Make sure that the real estate agent developer you’re working with can quickly integrate new content into your site’s listings. That way, potential leads will always have instant access to the latest homes for sale – and you don’t have to manually upload this information yourself!

2. Get Yourself Out There

We’re not talking about physically; instead, we recommend that you start building up your online presence by generating useful and informative content for potential clients. Content (in the form of blogs, landing pages, and social media) is one of the best ways to build lead generation, as many of your customers will find you through these channels. The more content you have out there, the more nets you have to capture leads – and the more leads you generate, the more clients you’ll add to your rolodex.

Content is also a great way to build up an authoritative presence in your particular location. When you’ve established yourself as a thought leader in your community, homebuyers will quickly associate your real estate agency with knowledgeable service and relevant home listings. Building this online presence also boosts your website traffic, especially if your content links back to your site (which it should!).

Building all that content isn’t a one-time deal; it takes a great deal of time and dedication, particularly if you’re starting from ground zero. Fortunately, there are a number of real estate website development services that provide content generation services, providing your business with the content you need to start boosting your online presence.

Remember to follow a key content rule – make sure you’re putting your clients first. Whether you’re starting a blog or launching a Facebook account, make sure that all pieces of content provide valuable information that your clientele base finds useful. Otherwise, you’re just spamming them with irrelevant advertising, which can quickly impact your real estate marketing strategies.

3. Start Experimenting With More Tools and Apps

There are numerous tools and apps out there dedicated to helping your real estate business grow – and 2016 will be the year you start using them all!

Content management systems (like WordPress), smartphone apps, email marketing platforms, social content calendars, and other tools can make it easier for you to manage your online real estate marketing needs. What’s more, these tools are reaching your clients where they’re spending all of their time: in their inboxes, on their smartphones, and in their social media accounts. Savvy real estate marketers will use these tools as a lead generation strategy to develop more revenue over the next twelve months.

Let’s look at email marketing as an example of how a simple online tool can help you achieve maximum revenue potential. Email marketing platforms allow you to quickly create emails (for example, notifications about new home listings, special promotions, articles, etc.) and send them out to your email list. This list will contain the email addresses from your current clientele base, as well as leads captured from your other content. These emails can help increase user engagement, establish yourself as a real estate authority in your area, and alert your list to changes in your home listings. The combined effect from just a single email campaign has the potential to land you more clients, move your inventory, and get more showings – and it can all be done within a day.

Make the commitment to experiment with more tools and apps this year. Whether it’s email marketing or customer relationship management (CRM) software, these tools have the potential to take your real estate business to the next level.

4. Discover Native Advertising

By now, you probably know that social media is one of the best ways to reach both potential and current clients. Your leads are spending a huge chunk of their day on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – and if you’re not on these sites, you’re missing out on huge advertisement potential.

Yet once your real estate business is on social media, don’t follow traditional advertising routes (for example, listing yourself as a top real estate agent or launching promotions). Instead, look to native advertising methods as a way of generating more leads back to your site. Native advertising, within the context of social media, simply means creating posts that provide a non-disruptive experience to a user’s social media fee. Instead of breaking through feeds of family and friends with a jarring promotional ad, native advertising suggests that using an ad that integrates with a user’s social feed is far more effective for generating leads. For example, listing a home for sale nearby, or posting an article about home prices in their area can provide a user with highly relevant information without instantly coming across as a “promotion.”

If you’re engaging in native advertising, make sure you’re linking back to your real estate agent websites or landing pages. For instance, if you’re posting an article about home prices in your location, host that article on your blog page (using proper permissions) or create a blog post that directly references the article. Never miss an opportunity to link back to your real estate site in a way that makes sense for your user.

2016 is YOUR Year!

Forget traditional methods of advertising. Forget settling for the same old real estate website design. 2016 is the year you’re going to shake things up – and bring in more profits than ever before.

Think of the next twelve months as your opportunity to try out new tools and techniques. With every online tool and app you download, you’re providing your real estate business with the opportunity to develop a new revenue stream or supplement your main sales. With every social media post and email campaign, you’re attaching knowledge, expertise, and professionalism to your brand name. With every new feature added to your real estate website, you’re creating the kind of user experience that’s both impressive, immersive, and designed to maximize lead generation.

Over the next few weeks, get your 2016 plan started by implementing your real estate website development plan started. If you want to get a killer website up and running, partner up with Excida – your partners for success! From real estate websites with custom branding to developer toolkits, you’ll find everything you need to create your best website yet.

Check out what Excida can do for your real estate website today!

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